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Is Travel Nursing in Your City, A Good Idea or a Bad one?

One of the most popular misconceptions regarding travel nursing is that it necessitates long-distance travel or employment outside your state. Many people believe that you must be at least 50 Miles from your primary residence to qualify for tax-free travel nurse pay. However, that is not true. Travel nursing in your city is quite a

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Maintaining Personal Relationships As Travel Nurse

Travel nursing is an ideal job for people who love to travel, work with a diverse set of people and live in wonderful new homes. As a travel nurse, you get all the perks of traveling without the stress of being jobless. It’s one of the only jobs in the world that allows you to

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Why Will You Love Working as A Travel Nurse?-originnurses.com

Why Will You Love Working as A Travel Nurse?

Career transition can be a big step. And if you are thinking about making a change towards a career that opens up a world of opportunities, then travel nursing might be just for you. Travel nursing is a highly valued and well paid career that makes it possible for you to see new places, meet

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Smart Ways to Manage Your Diet as A Travel Nurse-originnurses.com

8 Smart Ways to Manage Your Diet as A Travel Nurse

Travel nursing is a great opportunity for nurses to explore the country, work in different settings, make new friends and gain experience. The job, however, comes with its own unique set of challenges. You’re constantly on the go, moving from assignment to assignment and adapting to new working environments and schedules. When the lifestyle gets

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Difference Between CMA And CNA In The US

Difference Between CMA And CNA In The US

If you have ever visited a hospital in the US, either as a patient or a family member of the patient, you will have come across many CMAs and CNAs. Most of them are often seen carrying out similar tasks and working similar shifts. Their responsibilities are also related to each other. Both CMA and

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