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Origin Nurses Referral Bonus

We  are excited to announce our new referral program for 2023! We would love to add amazing, quality caregivers to  the  Origin team. Please send us your best referrals that would be a good fit with the Origin Travel Nurses motto ‘Do the Right Thing.’




$1000 Bonus


LPNs & Techs

$500 Bonus     


CNAs & other professions outside of RN, LPN and Techs

$250 Bonus

Program is not retro-active. Program starts Jan 1, 2023.  Program follows standard Origin Travel Nurses referral rules.
  • Referral MUST complete the entire length of the assignment (13 weeks)
  • Referral MUST work full contracted hours, if not, the bonus will be prorated off the amount of hours worked vs. contracted
  • All bonuses will be paid once the assignment is complete (13 weeks) or 468 minimum hours are reached

Please inquire for details on eligibility here
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