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Fees for CNA Certs

Application Fees range from $10.00 – $330.00
Fingerprint Fees vary per state

State Weblinks Below

All licensing activity occurs here: and each individual applicant must navigate to the ‘online licensing’ section to access any application.

Email or mail forms to

To complete a transfer to Texas for CNA you must have an active certification from another state. You will need to complete the form 5505-NAR and form 5506-NAR and then submit that with a copy of a current photo id and criminal history check done through the Texas Department of Public Safety crime records division. The instructions will have a link for you to complete your criminal history from the TX Dept. of public safety. There is no fee to transfer your license.

Form 5505-NAR and Form 5506-NAR can be found: 

States List to send 5505-NAR: