Best Locations for Travel Nurses in the Winter

Best Locations for Travel Nurses in the Winter

Now that the holiday season’s approaching, it’s almost time to welcome a new year with a new travel nursing job. With the air getting chillier every day, it’s best to stay on top of your game and plan your assignment in advance. 

Location is a crucial factor for any travel nurse, especially around winter. While some nurses like to embrace cold, others try to escape it. You can be either of them and still find a placement at Origin Nurses. We’ve put together a list of the best places for travel nurses in winter.

However, before we get to the list, it’s essential first to understand your needs. The best location depends significantly on what you prefer, not just in terms of weather but your personal goals and what you’re trying to achieve. Deciding your goals and planning can save you time and headaches. 

With that in mind, let’s dive in to see what your options are!

Here’s a List of the Top 10 Locations For Travel Nurse in Winter: 2023

We’ve divided up our list based on two preferred choices, i.e., for people who embrace the cold and those who escape it.

Top 4 Warm Winter Locations for travel nurses: Escape the Cold



Best Locations for Travel Nurses in the Winter

Arizona is your best bet if you’re not a fan of winter weather. Unlike other (beachy) states, Arizona is known for its desert climate. Escape the chilly winter air and find solace in Arizona’s rays’ warmth. The state’s elevation varies based on where you are, meaning winter temperatures vary from place to place. Its average temperature ranges from 40-75 degrees from November to February. 

Its 194-named mountain ranges, hiking trails, and botanical garden add to its diverse scenic beauty. Arizona’s seasonal activities (such as Zoolights, Glendale Glitters, and the World of illumination) and attractions (Ice Skating at Salt River Fields) would want you to stay longer than your assignment. Arizona also sees an occasional frost, so if you want to enjoy chilly weather for a bit, you’d be in luck. New year celebrations throughout Arizona would be another treat to watch. If you plan to travel to nurse in Arizona, you surely won’t regret it. 


You might’ve heard how everything is bigger & better in Texas. Well, it seems to be true for travel nurses, at least. With bigger and better job prospects, there is much to see and do on your days off. The temperature in Texas remains mild throughout the chilly season, with an average range of 55-72 degrees. Offering the seventh longest coastline (with 3395 miles) in the entire US, Texas is an excellent option for travel nursing in winter. 

Its beaches offer great holiday expeditions. Check out Galveston Pier, which hosts all kinds of holiday expeditions and offers a beachfront. Some winter escapes in the lone star state include fishing on the Gulf Coast or the Big Bend State Park, a visit to Magnolia Farms, a trip to Dallas’s Art District, etc. You can enjoy your holidays at the Christmas capital, Grapevine in Texas, which offers the best celebrations. Certainly, your travel nursing assignment in Texas would be more than just a job. 


Best Locations for Travel Nurses in the Winter

The sunshine state, Florida, is a classic snowbird destination for anyone looking to escape the chilly winter season. Travel nursing in Florida professionally means lots of world-class healthcare facilities and, personally, an exciting life off the clock with art, music, nature, and food. With the warmest winter climate and the highest January temperatures, Florida is one of the best locations for travel nursing in winter. The average winter temperature here is 70 degrees. Warm weather, beautiful beaches, tons to do and see at the second longest coastline in US_what more can you ask for? 

Explore the Everglades, Disney World, Kennedy Space Centre, Miami Beach, Epcot, Dry Tortugas National Park, and so much more because the weather does not limit you. For travel nurses, Florida is one of the best options because of the sheer volume of job opportunities. October onwards, the high flux of jobs enables nurses to earn as much as they want to, alongside offering travel expeditions. If working in the gloomy and cold winter season is not your thing, Florida is what you should turn to.


California’s climate ranges from subtropical to polar, with an average winter temperature of 60 degrees, making it one of the best warm winter locations for travel nurses. Nobody would want to miss an opportunity to work in this golden state. Its ahead-of-the-curve staffing laws and diversity makes it a can’t-miss location. No matter where you’re located in California, you’re bound to have a great time. 

With warm weather and the state’s expansiveness, there are endless activities, diverse cultures and events to experience, and above all, its scenic beauty to be bathed in. California’s northern and southern regions have something to offer everyone. From skiing in Mammoth lakes to Yosemite’s breathtaking horsetail falls, surfing and climbing to shopping and spas_California has it all. Its stunning beaches are a crowd pleaser too. 

Top 4 Cold Winter Locations for Travel Nurses: Embrace the Cold


Best Locations for Travel Nurses in the Winter

Colorado, a playground for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers, is yet another location for travel nurses in winter. Its magnificent mountains and raging rivers offer tons of adrenaline-filled winter activities. Colorado’s rocky mountains have a dozen ski resorts, some of which are the best in the country. Along with skiing, you can do a million other things in the state’s awe-inspiring views, such as fishing, horseback riding, rafting, camping, and hiking. 

Every corner will offer unparalleled beauty, from Colorado’s scenic byways to national and state parks. If magnificent mountains are the only thing that comes to mind when you think of Colorado, think again. Experience the giant dunes in Great National Park and Snowboard in Breckenridge, and visit the archaeological sites of Mesa Verde. Travel nurses can find assignments in the fastest-growing city, Denver, along with Glenwood springs and vail. 


Best Locations for Travel Nurses in the Winter

Do you like to curl up and get cozy in the winter season? Washington might be what you’re looking for for your next travel nursing assignment. It’s even better if you’re thinking of taking your family along. Tucked away in the mountains, Leavenworth is a Bavarian town with a reindeer farm framed by snowy mountaintops. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the picturesque view of the Cascades and the Olympics. Seattle is an excellent option for people who enjoy urban areas because it offers sights such as Mount Rainier, space needle, and pike place market. 

You can also hike the ancient Hoh Rainforest with your friends and family. Since Christmas is approaching, the lighting festival in Washington is a sight to behold, with half a million lights hanging in the air. Cider tastings and sledging are some events that visitors can take part in. From live music to handcrafted gifts, delicious German-themed food to nutcracker museum, there are tons that you and our loved ones can enjoy this winter. 


Home to around 100 hospitals, Messachuttes is a dream place for any travel nurse. With the opportunity to expand your resume and enhance your skills, the state offers its visitors many fun activities, food, and scenic landscapes. Explore the Faneuil Hall, Paul Revere House, Freedom Trail, New England Aquarium, and the original Cheers and Boston Mapparium in the famed capital city of Boston. Boston attracts great talent and sharp minds from all over the country with its esteemed medical systems. What better place for a travel nurse than a city with state-of-the-art facilities and high-ranking hospitals?

Also, Boston boasts a diverse culture and a deep, rich history. There’s art, architecture, history, and food for all visitors. Another city you can take some me-time in is the quaint town of Rockport, where you can find all sorts of nature from mountains, shorelines, and rivers. You can quickly feel at home with all this state has to offer. So much so that you might even make it your permanent home. 



Want to experience winter in its full swing? Vermont should be your venue. Swirling flakes and snow-covered mountains make Vermont a winter wonderland or a postcard-perfect winter scene. The glistening snow makes outdoor activities even more fun. This state rolls out snow carpets for skiers, ice skaters, snowshoers, and ice fishers. Its one-of-a-kind lodgings offer all sorts of restaurants and resorts catering to individual needs. For travel nurses, Burlington is a picture-perfect town to stay in. This is Vermont’s largest city with a small-town feel, making you feel right at home. 

Ranked as one of the friendliest places, Burlington has something for all. Another getaway in Vermont is a village called Stowe, which is just an hour’s drive away from Burlington. The community events and the snow-covered bridges here will leave you mesmerized. Some fun activities include sleigh rides, dog sledding, ice skating, and snow tubing. You can also create ice sculptures for the annual competition that takes place in January. Travel nurses who’re winter enthusiasts wouldn’t want to miss out on taking an assignment in Vermont for all it has to offer. 

Wrapping Up…


Whether your dream location to travel nurse in winter is a magical winter wonderland, or somewhere you can bask in the sun, we’ve tried to cover both. The list contains some of the best winter locations you can work in. But if we missed your dream destination, don’t fret. There are placements all over the country so feel free to dig up a little on your own. Let Origin Nurses help you in the process so you can make the right choice. Visit our website and suit yourself!


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