Travel Nurse Couple: What It’s Like?

A travel nurse couple is the best thing you can be.

If you’ve found your loved one to be in the same profession as yours … I mean, I don’t need to tell you the fun part about it.

Travel nursing is among the most exciting careers out there, offering new experiences, adventures, and entertainment on a day-to-day basis.

YUP, it really doesn’t have to be about staying alone and working round the clock in hospitals.

One of the ways you can make this experience all the more exciting is … taking along what you love the most, be it your partner, your friend, or even your pet!

I mean, who wouldn’t love the idea of sipping on some coffee while planning for a hiking weekend with the love of their life at Lulu Lake?

And that’s just ONE scenario – there’s a lot more to this aspect of nursing!

The fancier term for working with your partner as a nurse while exploring new places and having new experiences is:

Without further ado, let’s dig right in and learn more about this exciting aspect of nursing.

The Life of Travel Nurse Couples – What’s the Hype About?

OK, so, to clear out the air first … WHAT is travel nursing as a couple?

Simply put – travel nursing as a couple involves working together with your better half, doing the job you both love while traveling the world.

It is an exhilarating experience for couples who are both nurses, something I’d call a “lifetime opportunity” for people who enjoy traveling and the career of nursing!

Amazing, huh? I know, I know.

So… What Are the Perks of Travel Nursing as A Couple?

Married Travel Nurse Couples_ How Can You Both Land on The Same AssignmenT-ORIGINNURSES.COM

Your back home from a hectic day of work, stressing about the case of the patient you last checked, and having no one to talk to. Sucks, right?

That’s one place where travel nursing as a couple helps.

Wherever you are in the world, you’ll have your partner by your side for emotional support and generally someone to talk to.

Having your support system nearby means you’ll be there for each other when life gets a bit too hectic, which may often be the case while working as a nurse.

Aaaand *drumroll* AN ADDED BONUS!! There can’t be any homesickness when you take “home” with you (as they say, home is where the heart is, and you’re bringing along the person who lives in your heart!).

OK, so scenario number 2.

You’re working around a budget. In addition to looking for affordable cities to reside in, how else will travel nursing as a couple helps you save a fair amount of bucks?

Basically, travel nurses get to choose between two options: they can either go for free housing or pay for their accommodation and receive a housing stipend instead.

Now, imagine. There’s you, and then there’s your partner. You choose free housing – a free place to live, yay! – and your significant other opts for the housing stipend.

So, essentially, you’ve got unpaid residence AND some extra bucks in the form of your housing stipend.

That’s smooth, innit?

Married Travel Nurse Couples: How Can You Both Land on The Same Assignment?

Of course, to work together as a travel nurse couple, you need to first make sure you get the same task (or a related one) assigned. And, to get the same task assigned, here are three things that you can do:

Selecting Travel Companies and Recruiters

There are various travel companies and recruiters out there. Still, you should put a fair amount of thought before making your decision. Make sure to consider the various different factors that will affect your staffing, and then select your agency.

To ensure you both land on the same 13-week assignment, it is always a good idea to apply to the same travel agency and recruiter. This massively increases the chances of getting to move in together.

Be Honest About Your Desire


As hard as being upfront can be, shying off and not expressing your desires will slim the chances of getting to travel together.

So… BE HONEST! Telling your recruiters that you both want to travel and live together will allow travel agencies to make adjustments accordingly.

Be Open to Compromising

Not everything works out perfectly – c’mon, it’s the real world.

And when it doesn’t … Being optimistic is the key!

Optimism and flexibility go hand-in-hand, and the result is no disappointments or regrets. When one thing doesn’t work out your way, focus on the items according to your desire, and be open-minded to other solutions and ways out.

For example, if you don’t get hired at the same healthcare facility, don’t let it ruin your entire stay. Instead, try your best to find hospitals near each other, so you both can still work while staying at the same place!

Perks of Being A Travel Nursing Couple

I won’t blame you if you think travel nursing may become hectic at times, but hey, what are partners for? … Let me answer: to put up with your stressful moments and mood swings. *chuckles*

Besides, there are A LOT of perks travel nursing couples have, out of which I’ll name a few.

You Make BIG Money


The average wage of travel nurses will be discussed later in this blog, but one thing is for sure: they earn quite a decent amount of money.

But that’s not it for travel nurse couples! If both partners decide to receive stipends, they can rent a cheap place, live in Recreational vehicles, and save up all that money for a vacation (or even for post-retirement!). Amazing, huh?

Expansion of Career

Getting hired at several different healthcare facilities means you are expanding your network. Now how will this benefit you as a couple? Let me explain.

Having worked at different places, each one of you will have a good reputation at your workplaces along with good connections. This will benefit you in many different ways. Additionally, it will help you decide on one good healthcare facility if you both decide to settle down in one place permanently.

Exploring Together

Travel nursing is a golden chance to satisfy your inner adventurous travel freak. Working in different cities from time to time will help you explore many other parts of the world.

The cherry on the top (and to me, the best thing about being a travel nurse couple): You get to explore and have adventures with the love of your life! I mean, nothing beats a day of hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains together, or better yet, having a nice tan on the Miami beach … right?

The more you think about this, the more exciting it gets!

Travel Nurse Couple Instagram – A Look into Their Stories

Travel nursing couples around the world have expressed their thankfulness for choosing this profession. An example is the following two couples, who have posted pictures on their Instagram at Space Needle and Lulu Lake. (@hdocoutob7 and @flicka_anne and respectively):

Doesn’t it look like these two couples are having the time of their lives? … It sure does to me!


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by F l i c k a A n n e (@flicka_anne)

Megan Hutcherson, 2019, also shared her story (and pictures!) of being a travel nurse couple. She explained how she and her partner both had interests in traveling and nursing and eventually got together and landed on the same assignment! Yet, they both had tons of adventures and thrilling experiences together.

Geez … how dreamy.

Reading more about her story will definitely convince you about how exciting travel nursing as a couple can be. For some, it is actually the dream life!

Travel Nurse Salary – What Are the Average Figures?

Travel Nursing salary-originnurses.com

On average, travel nurses can (individually) make around 3000 dollars per week, with registered nurses making more than licensed practical nurses.

Buuuut, if the two of you are earning, your total income will be double the amount! Crazy, right?

The current COVID-19 crisis means the demand for nurses has increased all the more. In turn, it has increased the pay rates of travel nurses considerably. But remember, the job has gotten more hectic as well.

What Factors Affect Your Pay as A Travel Nurse?

These include the following:

Place of living: Different areas have different pay rates for travel nurses – you’ll be lucky if you land an assignment in a well-paying area!

Area of specialty: Your area of specialization affects your pay. The higher your skillset, the better you’re earning!

Flexibility: The more you’re willing to compromise, the better you’ll be paid! For example, sacrificing your night’s sleep to opt for a night shift will add a significant number of bucks to your pocket.

Additionally, the various specialties of nurses are paid differently, and a more in-depth look into this can help decide which one you’d want to hop in! I mean, who doesn’t love those extra few bucks? *smirks*

Tips for Travel Nurse Couples

“Working in the same unit as my husband? No wayyyy, I could never do that!” is something I’m sure we’ve all heard someone saying at least once in our life. And if you think about it, it can get a little tricky sometimes, especially when you’re both not on the same page.

But with a little patience and optimism, you can conquer this challenge of travel nursing as a couple. Here’s how:

As a couple, it’s easy to pick fights at times. But, do NOT let your personal issues into your workplace. When at the healthcare facility, you are professional co-workers more than a couple who recently had an argument.

Communicate, communicate and communicate: Make sure to discuss all your issues with each other and let each other know your honest feelings AND I cannot stress this enough!

Be patient. Know that all couples have disagreements, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And again, do not let this affect your behavior at your workplace at any cost.

Learn how to resolve conflicts and clarify misunderstandings.

Focus on the positive part of travel nursing; exploring, affirmations, and so much more!

Incorporate the concept of compromising in your daily life, and you too will be one perfect travel nurse couple.


Travel nursing as a couple is a thrilling experience for those rare couples who are both nurses and travel-freaks. The several advantages of this profession include having each other’s back at all times, exploring new places together, and expanding your career as a team while making big money

Fascinating, to say the least, no?

I’m pretty sure you agree with me by now.

And if you’re wondering why I’m ignoring the (few) challenges of it … I’m not. These challenges faced by travel nurse couples can be avoided with a positive outlook towards life – I mean, everything has pros and cons

And I cannot stress this enough: Flexibility is the key! Learn to adapt to whatever the situation may be, and you are good to go!

Besides … I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want the small things coming in the way of your big adventures! So, suppose nursing and traveling is something for you and your other half. In that case, this career opportunity is tailor-made for you!

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