The Highest Paid Travel Nurse Specialties in 2020

If you want to explore and know enough about the highest paid travel nurse specialty, you will find all the information here.

Today, when the jobs are shrinking, and the looming threat of COVID-19 is battering the economy, everyone is looking for a job. NOW ever more in the times, the women are filling the seats of traveling nurses in the areas that are in most need. Especially in places like New York, Virginia, and Kentucky.

Before putting steps and heads, women consider this traveling nurse job as high paying and lucrative, and in reality, salaries of the traveling nurses vary depending upon the different factors.

What is a traveling Nurse at all?

Concisely, traveling nurses are nurses who used to be recruited for a short-term interval in the hospitals, clinics, and health care facilities around the world. An independent staff agency used to recruit travel nurses in place of a hospital.

You would find the opportunities to see new places, have a new environment, feel the beauty of nature, and be a part of the global effort against diseases.

Factors affecting the salary of a traveling Nurse

Now it’s a happy moment for you! When all world used to find a job, they usually have to work with their full strength to find a job because of the great competition.

But look, it’s different in the case of traveling nurses. Usually, education level and experience are not a matter of superiority in traveling Nurse’s jobs.

A traveling nurse with a work experience of two years would have the potential to earn as equal as the traveling Nurse who has 13 years of experience. Hilaria! 

Essentials of Travelling Nurse

There is only one pre-condition to be eligible for a traveling nurse job. The one who wants to do this job should be a registered nurse and have only two years of nursing experience. They don’t need the requirements of more certificates and credentials other than those which are mandatory for specific jobs.

How much a travel Nurse earns?

Now it is tasty to know how high do travel nurses get paid. Usually, travel nurses can earn almost $2800 in a week. That’s a Huge earning indeed. Travel nurses can earn easily over $45 in an hour. These facilities make it possible for a seasoned travel nurse to make well over $99 a year.

Supply and demand have an inverse relation. Increasing supply will decrease demand and vice versa. One thing is for sure that even in the slumping economic conditions, Covid-19 has increased the unprecedented demand for travel nurses. Now the states all over the USA are offering lucrative incentives for travel nurses.

There are packages well over $995 in a week or $ 99k for a 12-week assignment. But to gain all these, Travel nurses must have to bear the ache, pain, and unimaginable laborious work. All in all, they will strengthen the travel nurses more, and they will become an indispensable part of the health care industry.

The contrast between staff and traveling nurse salaries

Hospitals recruit staff nurses on a fixed salary. And there is not an incentive for them to thrive and make more money except to bear the pain of part-time clinic work.

But the travel nurses used to work in any hospital, and an independent staff agency recruits them. Their salaries are far more than the staff nurse because of their expertise and the difficulty level of the work.

Bonuses for traveling Nurse

The first concern of any newbie in this field is the travel and accommodation expenses and meal at the destination place. But you don’t need to worry.

Here we have the best and highest paid travel nurse assignments.

Highest paid Travel Nurse Specialties

There is an unprecedented surge in demand for travel nurse. This was not observed before the attack of Covid-19 on every segment of society worldwide. There are certain types of travel nurse specialties, and each specialty has its incentives, hardships, and difficulties. Let’s see which suits you the most of your talent and your demand for income. It’s fascinating to talk about this topic! So, let’s go!

1) Emergency Room

Emergency room travel nurse |
ER travel nurses work in the emergency rooms

It’s even scary to talk about the conditions used to prevail in the Emergency room, but a bold, active, and conscious nurse can prove to be a lifesaving entity. The optimistic behavior on the face of difficulty and the determination to solve the problem on the spot are some of the optimal prime properties of the travel nurses who work in the ER.

They do fall under the higher-paid travel nurse specialties. If we calculate their income per week, that it may easily kiss the figure of   $1767. A quick response, relentless, and brave travel nurse is the safeguard of humanity in the ER. So go there if you have some characteristics enumerated above!

2) Medical-Surgical Nurse/Telemetry

Medical-surgical telemetry nurse |
Medical-Surgical/Telemetry nurses have sensitive roles

It’s even a more daunting and focused job. One second of negligence can put someone into the valley of the dead. You have to keep yourself conscious, alert, and quick. This job is for the patient who comes from the intensive care unit. Their care is on top banana, and if you neglect, the repercussions can be disastrous.

Humanity is always on the first rank for the travel nurses. Their earning and learning walk on the same terrain. You have to be more resolute, and you have to keep after the patients. When you have known the difficulties, the question of incentive would have come into your mind. According to the data from 17000 jobs in the USA, their weekly income collected highlights is $1646.

3) ICU Nurse

ICU nurses |
ICU nurses work in Intensive Care environments

Travel nurses who have a specialty in the ICU (Intensive care Unit) have the responsibility to look after the patients who have experienced accidents, trauma, surgery, and organ failure.

The more activeness a nurse will show in this specialty during the caring of the patients, the more the brave Nurse will become confident and courageous.

Because the patients’ conditions change, and a quick and decisive response will prove to be an ultimate cure than pharmaceutical medicines.

To be eligible to work as an ICU travel nurse, the nurses must have to pass their NCLEX-RN and have to be licensed in their state of practice. Along with they have to be adept in their skills and must have one year of experience generally.

All ICU nurses usually are expected to have their BLS/SPR certification, ACLS, and other prime competencies specific to their ICU Unit.

The quick learning abilities are crucial to survive in this unit and save other patients and victims’ lives. Their income per week average comes out to be almost $1796.

4) Operating Room (OR) Nurse

Operating room nurses |
Operating Room nurses work alongside doctors and surgeons in the OR

That is the most lucrative specialty in the travel nurse specialties.

In 2019, the operating room specialty continued to be one of the most high-paying specialties for the Nurses.

Surgery and operation both words are enough to justify such high incentive and pay. The reason is, most of the victims and patients have to be operated and have to be kept in observation. So, the vigilance and alertness, when combines with the personal skills, prove to be lucrative and beneficial.

The Operating Room nurse’s roles fall under the Scrub Nurse or a circular Nurse, and they remain in constant collaboration with the surgeons.

Their skills, compassion, and advocacy of the patient when they are unconscious are all critical in safeguarding the patients’ lives.

Most operating room activities are dangerous and demand someone optimistic and calm in the face of difficulties.

You do not only have to maintain your usual composure, but you do have to care for your patient who is sick and is in intense need of care.

Not all the things are intensive, laborious, and burdensome. They have a core lesson of resiliency, compassion, and care for the patients in need.

They are dependent upon your skills and alertness and looking with nostalgic eyes towards you!

You are the one who will save their life and will make them able to move, think, and smile again.

Therefore, beyond measure, this is the lesson that is the core and the driving wheel of the movements. Their incomes and incentive come out to be $1879. A travel nurse in this specialty gets paid high compared to all other specialties due to the sacrifices a travel nurse pays in this line of work.

5) Labor and delivery nurse

nurses in labor room |
Labor and delivery nurses look after pregnant women during delivery

The nurses who work with pregnant women and provide care to them through the delivery process come in this category. LDN nurses have the laborious work and ensure the travel nurse’s expertise meets with this specialty during recruitments. This is a very focused job with its unique characteristics and challenges.

While looking at it, the sole purpose of choosing this job is to serve humanity, the infants in the womb, and who are at the mercy of your expertise. Beyond all imagined challenges, the comfort some you can provide to the pregnant women is most important.

It is the most lucrative and high paying specialty of the traveling specialties. The average income that a typical labor and delivery nurse earn comes out to be $1996, easily making it the highest-paid travel nurse job. That is a considerable amount with the happiness and composure you will achieve while serving humanity.

6) NICU Travel Nurse

NICU nurse |
NICU nurses care for newly born babies during their sensitive days

Neonatal nursing refers to the care of the infants in the first 30 days of their birth.

NICU not only involves the care of the ill-newborns, but it is the part of a team that must also work with the family unit as a whole.

 Look at the human aspect of the field. Traveling nurses beyond earning a handsome amount of income are also used to observe nature’s power and humanity’s bond to transcend all the boundaries and differences.

 When we look at the NICU travel nurse’s earning, their income comes out to be $1834.

7) PACU Travel Nurse

PACU nurses |
PACU nurses look after patients under anesthesia

Postanesthesia care unit travel nurses provide exceptional care and company to the patients who are recovered from the anesthesia both physically and psychologically.

Usually, post-anesthesia used to be followed by night dreams and with unpredictable pains. But the work of a PACU travel nurse is simple to look after the patient with dexterous skills and brave steps.

PACU travel nurse care was used to give solace to the patients to appease them and make them more energetic.

 If you looked at their income, it would come out to be $1801. This travel specialty is most comfortable and requires the sharpness and management of the stress of the patient.

8) Telemetry Travel Nurse

Telemetry nurses |
Telemetry nurses look after patients just out of ICU

The patients who used to move from the ICU to the general nursing floor are being cared for by the Telemetry travel nursing staff.

The patients in this unit are not too serious about bringing into the ICU but are still too sick for Medical Surgery. Most facilities look for telemetry travel nurses with at least one year of experience.

When we look at how much they earn, this comes out to be $1687.

The staff of travel nurses in this are the most efficient indecisive actions, and mostly they are adept in intervening in the changing conditions of the patients.

Important factors affecting the pay of a traveling nurse

These are some other scale factors which determine the increment in the income of an ordinary travel nurse. There are myriads of factors, but some are elaborated below!

i. Location

Your location of assignment is the most crucial part that will play in your pay. Travel rates reflect the cost of living in the area and the general trend of that particular area. A travel nurse’s salary always differs depending on the specific conditions and political sphere of that state.

Generally, California, Texas, Massachusetts, Washington, and New York are the states that usually have highly paid positions for a travel nurse. We would discuss its details in the following section in a more elaborative way.

The areas that have the characteristic of the destination location will pay low like Hawaii and Florida etc.

ii. Specialty

What is worth being in this world is the distinction based only on peculiar characteristics that others might lack. The specialty of travel nurses also significantly affects their payment greatly. Generally, non-sociality nurses such as the medical/surgical and psychiatric specialties are usually paid less than specialized travel nurses. In addition to the specialty, the travel nurses with the highest level of skills and credentials have more ability to earn more lucrative pay with seemingly infinite opportunities.

iii. Shift

In the working environment of travel nurses, there are most probably two shifts of working. One is the day shift, and the other one is the night shift. That’s why many hospitals offer high rates and payment for the night shift.

Always running behind money can debilitate your health and cause an intense jerk to your happiness and personal life. So don’t ever compromise over your health. Travel nurses who work during the day shift have lower salaries compared to the night shifters. So, stick to the point where your health and happiness remain intact.


The highest paid travel nurse specialty is labor and delivery nurse. They have a high salary and high incentive just because of one reason that is the complexity and subtlety of the work. They are the ones who welcome the new generation in the world and take care of them to make them good citizens and people of the world. Still travel nurse field is not bound to high incentive only!

A travel nurse’s field is vast, explorative, unique, exuberant, and involves new experiences and traveling. You know what? A man who used to travel is most efficient, and his consciousness is more profound than the other.

When we used to choose a field, we used to look at myriads of factors. As for how much we can earn, how much facilities and incentives we can gain. All in all, we ignore the most important factor that is happiness and abnegate our self in this regard.

Travel nurses are the backbone of humanity. They take care of those they don’t know even and bear the traveling for the patients, only leaving behind their own life and relatives and near and dear ones. The euphoria and satisfaction a travel Nurse gains are enormous, and its implication is vast. Think of a person serving humanity and look! You are that person.

When you have got such a vast pile of information about each specialty, its market share, possible incentives, and challenges, why not opt any of a travel nurse’s specialty?

Think of a person who reads tons of books, writes tons of words, and speaks a lot, but doesn’t know how to execute real-life knowledge. What advantage would that person of superficial grip over knowledge gain?

You are a part of the world, and you need to know what type of specialty suits your taste and what you can perform better than everyone else. Just know it and be a part of our team!

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