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Though RV is not a ride on Ferrari or Ford it still has immense value in travel nursing due to a multitude of factors. One factor for which all humans crave is comfortability. If you want to feel secure like home everywhere along with all the accessories then RV should be on the top banana.

When you think of a travel nurse you might not have imagined ever of a moving home along with the travel nurse. Travel nurses usually remain in travel for the well-being of the patients.

Travel nursing officials are a crucial part of medics, so for them, it is far better to have an RV for their traveling needs. Because after every 13-week assignment you would have to change your location. The packing and unpacking and lots of other extraneous stuff will add pain in the neck. So you don’t wanna pain in the neck. If not, then ride in RV!

RV travel nursing brings some new challenges. We can only deal with them if we have vast experience in the field and proper interaction with the veterans of this RV travel nurse field. Let’s dive more deeply into the RV travel nurse Job and how travel nurses used to live their life in the RV.

RV, “a family need” of a Travel Nurse

You want to keep all the stuff near. Even you want to eliminate the hindrance of a job in your nearness to your dear ones! So travel nurse opts for RV for the nearness to their family.

Like everyone else, travel nurses have a family, a beautiful home, a nice pet, and a green garden. Who wants a separation with these blessings while fulfilling the job as a travel nurse?

Didn’t it seem crucial to have an RV with fifth wheels and a bunkhouse! Amazing enough! When you choose RV then not only you are making your life easier but also the life of your family. You used to get rid of the torment of separation from the children and pets. Your Husband will be with you to make you feel more protected!

traveling in an RV is perfect for travel nurses with families | originnurses.com
An RV is a house on wheels

RV travel nursing, Take your family on the road

Travel nurses have myriads of challenges to face and bear. What will be the future of a family who used to travel on the RV with every 13-week travel nurse assignment?

Your children have lots of constructive habits, a school where they used to get a formal education, and a husband who might be doing a job in a fixed flat.

If you choose an RV for traveling along with all the family and luggage, then what method of study you will provide to your children?

What if your husband wants to contribute to the finance of the family expenses? Not only these are some of the challenges RV travel nurses face them but they cope with them with the best strategies. We will go through them all one by one. Let’s take a ride then!

RV and Travel Nursing

What is your category? Do you belong to an RV travel nurse or a simple travel nurse? You would not belong to either of two but a mix of both!

Whatever the case, you will find it in contrast to your routine. Because nor you want to live your life without your family nor you want your children to be absent from school. When you will meet people from the RV travel community then you can learn about the experience and possible outcomes to be an RV travel nurse.

Find More RV travel Nurses

Your life can become easier if you can only know the likeminded people in your interested work. The social instinct of travel nurses cautions them about lots of rumors. Like crime rate on a specific route, the treatment of hospitals with the travel nurses, and possible outcomes to be an RV travel nurse.

You should join Facebook groups that can provide information about the similar experience of RV travel nurses and by connecting to them you can learn more about the RV travel nurse to make your experience more beautiful.

Why should you Opt for the RV life?

When the staffing agency is providing you all luxuries, facilities, reimbursement of expenses, and accommodation then why do you need to live your life in an RV roving every other day from one place to another?

The composition of every individual travel nurse is different from other. If one is reliant on the agency residency and their provided facilities, then not every single travel nurse is going to like it.

Sometimes you may need the feeling of ownership, the feeling of a familiar environment, the feeling where you can feel consistency, and where you have your pets as dogs or cats that can live together.

Besides, you sometimes want to feel free, to go somewhere, to visit a zoo or a nearby park. These temptations if not fulfilled can become killing nostalgia. So, RV will provide all these opportunities to the Travel Nurse.

Now when you have decided to opt for this profession, we should see that there are amazing opportunities that are waiting for an RV travel nurse.

Campground and RV Parks

You are going to rove on RV towards different destinations. Some would be familiar and most will be unfamiliar. Your walk ahead of the pace will give you some of the advantages of visiting the fascinating places of nature that can enthrall you and adds beauty to your traveling experience.

Try to book some places near parks, search for some good campgrounds, and make things easier by consulting the experienced staff.

Some apps can help you to find the places and parks on time such as Good Sam Club, Gas Buddy, and KOA App.

Tips for RV travel Nurse

RV travel nursing tips | originnurses.com

RV travel nurses face problems that are pervasive and preventable. Like you should know the route, its subtleties, security, and the possible emergency facilities. You just have to keep on ready for any situation.

RV’s are large and they have a vast amount of accessories. It’s possible to break something or some time might be something went wrong. But it’s not a problem at all. RV demands pre-planning and activeness to ward off possible problems during traveling.

The most important tip is that we should live every moment to the fullest. You know life is short and our responsibilities are too much. A typical RV Travel nurse might get disturbed over the long rides and barren lands and hushed highways.

But you can find the meaning of life as an RV travel nurse through meditation and understanding the call of nature. It’s ever the best opportunity to do it as an RV travel nurse.

Pros and Cons of Life in an RV as a Travel Nurse

Besides lots of advantages, RV travel nurses face many problems also. But the problems become amazing when RV travel nurses used their experience to enhance their ability to know nature a little bit more.

Pros as an RV travel Nurse

Money, honey

The cost of a temporary apartment in the center of the city along with other citizens can cost too much and you have to pay for the traveling expenditure, School fees, and your meal also. To sum it all it could become too much. Having your movable mobile RV will help you to save a lot of money and your comfort zone will also be protected. That all saved amount will go to your bank baby!

You have vast Space

You don’t need to worry if you just cooped up in the lockdown of Covid-19 and if you just released to perform your travel nurse job in an RV. What is important to consider is that all the space available is yours. Take long breaths while traveling and have fun with your kids! This will add to happiness will also increase your health and level of satisfaction.

Be flexible with Environment

Human has a little bit of taste of consistency and they want to remain in the same Environment because when they change their location as RV travel nurse then they have to learn a lot of new skills to adapt themselves with the expected environment and to meet their needs. Just keep your space in VR clean, fresh, and remain fresh with seldom walkouts and sights of the outside world.

An adaptable environment will sharpen the skills of the RV Travel nurse and she will be able to take full enjoyment from her traveling an RV.

Cons as an RV travel Nurse

Constant Moving

Sometimes you want a stillness, calmness, and focus of your mind, and you are craving for a place near the city in which you can interact with people. This is the point where you feel that you should have a fixed residence instead of an RV.

Still, if you will crave to live nearby the city, then the humdrum and hustle-bustle of the city will destroy your sense of rest and will create disquietness in more intensity.

Where your bathroom is

When an RV travel nurse used to shift from place to place it used to be a great experience in terms of observation of the natural beauty of the different creatures. But on the other hand, it is filthy to observe the place where the bathroom is situated. RV travel nurses face this problem.

Things to Store

What you would do with the house on the five-wheel RV when you have done your job? There are lots of things in it. Some would be precious and others would be part of something important. You can’t lose them. At the same time to take care of the house for extended periods of time is tough. Because you have to keep the house safe from rust, busting color, and deterioration of wood.

Despite some cons, the pros are enough to not only surpass but also to make amends with the beautiful experience, loving memories, fresh air, and natural beauty. These are the things that make RV travel nurse more lucrative and fascinating.

Tax Implications

There are different types of taxes that are being imposed by the government to make it an exclusive and unique job in the market place. The reimbursement of taxes often makes the employees happy.

The availability of meals, accommodation, and rent from the staffing agency adds more incentive to the travel nurse career. But in the case of RV travel, there are certain types of taxes that used to be paid by the RV travel nurse.

Final words

An RV travel nurse is used to be in a more comfortable environment if she has some problems with the ever-changing environment. Because it all depends on individual perception and psychologies.

RV travel nurse used to change its place of residence now and then. It makes them energetic and amenable to the changing environment and increases their working efficiency.

Good for you! RV travel nurse lives a life of a nomad and used to have an experience of the different cultures and thus increasing the expertise of the nurse to tackle subtler works in emergency wards.

RV teaches the travel nurse the tactics of serving in every situation of life and they well execute these experiences in the wards and where patients require them.

Such are the huge advantages of an RV travel nurse then why not choose it? Our firm will provide you every inch of information and a vast horizon of opportunities that are just sitting in your wait. You just need to be a part of our team to explore the world of opportunities.

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