Best Travel Nursing Assignments In US 2020

Have you ever asked yourself a question that you as a nurse who travels a lot should know more about what are the best travel nursing assignments? Everybody knows the importance of being a nurse and sometimes how hard it can be for you as a nurse when you don’t know much about the best travel nursing assignments.

Nursing is a noble profession because they serve us by stepping out of their comfort zone. Nurses stay awake to keep checking on us when we are asleep.

They help us heal when we are badly injured, and they make us walk when we think that we won’t ever stand again.

Ever wondered what are the best places you should try as a nurse and a traveler? You are going to find out exactly that in this detailed article about the best travel nursing assignments.

We can never repay what these beautiful and capable people do for a living. But at least we can try to give them better living.

In a country like USA it is hard to take a decision to moving to different places as a nurse, and if you don’t know the right destinations you might never be able to find the best assignments as a nurse.

 You should visit certain places that will allow you to get a better lifestyle for you and your family. If you are interested in knowing, read it till the end and iron out the places that you would select for nursing. Without any further delay, let’s have a look!

Some considerations before picking travel nursing assignments

Before choosing a nursing location, you need to keep some aspects of the job in mind to be profitable for you. Certain vital factors will make your travel nursing more fun-filled for you. The following are some significant factors that you must consider before deciding your travel nursing assignments and location.


First of all, the one thing that you have to keep in mind while making a decision is that if the payment is enough to fulfill all your needs. If you are not getting enough income, you should opt for the location where travel nurses are highly paid. You should make a list of the places where travel nurses are highly paid and then choose from the list which area you want to move to. It will become more comfortable for you to decide where you want to serve. 

Duty hours

Mostly, the travel nurses work three days a week, which is quite a reasonable duty time, and you also get ample time to explore the country or location you are in. So, we recommend you choose a site where you have never been before also to enjoy the locations and scenes there. Choose a place where you can do all that you like to. In this way, your job tour will also become your recreational tour.

Seek guidance

As a newbie to the field of travel nursing you need to know about a lot of things in a short amount of time, and guess what is the best way to know things? We suggest you meet the professional travel nurses around you and ask them about everything you want to know about your location or survive there. It will surely help you a lot for giving your best in your assignment. Also, you can get to know more about best travel nursing assignments by interacting with the professionals of the field.


When you decide to travel abroad for a travel nursing career, you must focus on the location you are selecting. If you like cold weather areas, you should always check places where the weather is mostly cloudy or snowy, and if you are a sunny person, hot climate areas are the best ones for you. Most importantly, if you are allergic to some weather or climate, make sure that the place you are traveling to must not have that allergic climate. Otherwise, you will have to be nursed by others instead of nursing others!

These are some of the best tips for the travel nurses that they have to keep in mind before moving to other travel nursing locations. If you follow these steps, I can bet that your career as a travel nursing will grow further! All these things must be considered while finding the best travel nursing assignment that suits you the most.

Some of the best travel nursing assignments:

While looking for the best locations to apply for your travel nursing career, cheer up! We will help you choose the best travel nursing assignments so that you can enjoy your career to the fullest. The following are some of the best locations that you should try when you want to serve as a travel nurse. 

Washington, DC

travel nursing in Washington |
Washington, D.C.

If you want to start your career as a travel nurse, you must try once to move to Washington, dc. It is considered the most profitable place to be a travel nurse. Why?

 Because it gives $49.48 hourly wage and $102,912 annual salary, which is more than average. I saw many nurses polishing their future by going to Washington, DC, and serving there as travel nurses.

Apply to the leading hospitals in Washington DC and start your blockbuster future there!

New York City, New York

travel nursing in New York city |
New York City, New York

Next on our list of best traveling nurse assignments is New York. It is the best place for every business, and the same is the case with travel nursing.

When you search for the best Locations for the travel nurses, you should keep it on the top of the list because there are many world-renowned hospitals in New York.

 So, there are many chances for you to grow there. You will be pleased to know that $51.35 is the hourly wage of travel nurses in New York and $106,799 annual salary.

I would highly recommend you apply in the hospitals of NYC to brighten up your future!

Sitka, Alaska

travel nursing in Sitka, Alaska |
Sitka, Alaska

Alaska is another ultimate travel destination, and it would be best if you get an opportunity to serve as a travel nurse in Alaska.

The hourly wage in Alaska is $49.87 and $103,720 annual income. You can get enough pay along with enough time to explore this beautiful place full of incredible views, cruises, and lots of opportunities to interact with wildlife.

What are you waiting for then? Apply in the best hospitals of Sitka, Alaska, and have fun!

Chicago, Illinois

travel nursing in Chicago |
Chicago, Illinois

Another ultimate destination for traveling, and guess what? It is also the destination that has a lot of career opportunities for travel nurses. Most travel nurses search for the chance to grow their careers in Chicago.

This city has many hospitals and travel nurse companies, and recruiters work that will help you get your position is the leading hospitals.

With more opportunities comes more benefits, that is why assignments from here made it to our list of best travel nursing assignments. What are you waiting for then? Just give yourself a chance and grow in the incredible location of Chicago!

Stanford, California

travel nursing in Stanford |
Stanford, California

The next destination that you should visit once in a lifetime to grow your travel nursing is Stanford, California.

California is the hub of leading hospitals that will give you a chance through which you can grow your career.

You would be glad to know that $55.43 is the hourly wage of a travel nurse, and $115,293 is the annual salary of a travel nurse at Stanford.

So, I would strongly suggest you try your luck in the best and well-established hospitals in Stanford, California.

Vail, Colorado

travel nursing in Vail, Colorado |
Vail, Colorado

The next participant on the list that we have for you to grow your career as a travel nurse, is Vail, Colorado. You what the surprising thing about travel nursing career in Vail, you can enjoy a $52.47 hourly wage and $109,132 annual salary in Vail.

 The sky touching hospital buildings and the well-equipped hospital environments can be a real game-changer for you.

 All you have to do is not to never miss a chance to apply for the leading hospitals in Vail, and trust me; a brighter future awaits you in Vail.

Boston, Massachusetts

travel nursing in Boston |
Boston, Massachusetts

Let’s proceed with another incredible city that will boost your career, and we have Boston, Massachusetts, on the list.

Boston has been the ultimate travel destination, and what can better than having a perfect job at the ideal destination.

It is full of beautiful places to visit, and there are also so many opportunities for travel nurses to grow.

Boston is the best place that you should not miss a chance to go there and start a career as a travel nurse. $50.70 hourly wage and $105,464 annual salary of a travel nurse is the best reason to convince you about starting your career in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Anchorage, Alaska

travel nursing in Anchorage, Alaska |
Anchorage, Alaska

Another place in Alaska that is worth traveling is Anchorage. Although entire Alaska is full of beautiful scenes and incredible views, Anchorage has no match.

Another best thing about Anchorage is that it is the best destination for travel nurses. The exciting thing is that $48.58 hourly wage and $101,036 annual salary is the biggest attraction for travel nurses.

What else you want? Give yourself a chance to grow your career and enjoy incredible views in Anchorage, Alaska.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

travel nursing in Minneapolis |
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Let’s extend our list of the best travel nurse assignment by adding another ultimate location that you must not forget to visit. Minneapolis, Minnesota, is the next participant of the list that you should go and try once to start your travel nursing career there. The well-established hospitals in Minneapolis are the game-changer for the travel nurses who are currently working in the low-paid areas. In Minneapolis, Minnesota, $48.09 is the hourly wage of travel nurses, and $100,036 is the annual salary. In my opinion, it is enough to enjoy a good lifestyle in the beautiful location of Minneapolis, Minnesota. If you think of applying abroad for travel nurses, don’t forget to apply for Minneapolis, because you will surely enjoy working there.

Travel Nursing Assignments that we recommend

If we perform a comparison between the destinations for the best travel nursing assignments, it is safe to say that almost all the above-listed places are good. But if we must pick a winner or two, we recommend you find your way in Washington DC or New York. The reason for this is that even if the cost of living here is way more than the other places, still you as a travelling nurse will get lots of benefits choosing these assignments, including financial stability.

Benefits of travel nursing assignments in these areas

After discussing the best sites where you can enjoy the travel nursing career, we know that you all want to know about the benefits that you can get. You are welcome here to ask questions, and we will be pleased to answer all of your queries about the best travel nurse assignments, and now, it is the portion where we would tell you about the benefits of travel nurse assignments. Have a look!

Attractive salary packages of the best travel nursing assignment

Some areas all over the world do not pay travel nurse properly. In such areas, travel nurses have to work harder but are low-paid. For the travel nurses in such places, travel nurse assignment to the developed areas is the best option to grow. In these locations that we mentioned above, travel nurses are always respected and highly-paid. So, if you want to improve your salary, you must give them a try!

Explore the location for your travel nursing assignment

Another best thing about the best travel nurse assignment is that you can get a chance to explore the beauty of nature in these areas. All the places in these countries and cities are worth visiting, and if you get an opportunity to serve there, you can freely explore the new places and enjoy to the fullest. By exploring different locations, you can definitely find one or two best travel nursing assignments.

Travel nursing assignments that brings positivity

It is natural for humans to get tired of working in the same environment for a long time. We all need some positive change in our life, and these incredible places for travel nurses are the best change in their careers. They can kill the monotony of working at the same place for a long time, and they can enjoy exploring new places and meeting new people. 

Best Travel Nursing Assignments: Final words

It was all about the best travel nurse assignment. We tried our best to provide you with the complete guide about travel nurses and how you can grow your career as a travel nurse. Put a full stop to all your worries and choose your favorite country where you want to serve as a travel nurse, and start packing your luggage to make your future even brighter. 

All the countries and the places that I mentioned above are the best options for the travel nurses that they can opt for. You don’t have to worry about anything if you are not well paid in your current designation. All you have to do is reach for the best travel nurse recruiters and tell them to provide you a list of countries where you can apply for travel nursing. You have to sit back and wait till you get your appointment letter. 

Don’t delay any further and contact us to get your next best travel nursing assignment, make a deal, and start designing your blockbuster future as a travel nurse!

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